High Efficiency With Stability

Printing on a wide range of materials. Including new eco-friendly substrates. Easy and effective web handling. Inking roller automatic release for quick changeovers. High efficiency of extended dryers, enables to print at high speed. Accurate tension control and stable print pressure power. Unwinder to rewinder, No wrinkles. Faster register correction. Enhanced ink viscosity control system with cooling device for outstanding, stability of printing process. Suitable for water-based ink is healthier and environmentally friendly.

Fully Automatic With Cost-effective

Quick job make ready and changeovers with automatic release of roll in inking unit. Machine in production with only two operators, three operators able to run three machine. New Doctor Blade system with easy and quick setting. Smart trolley solution to change the printing cylinder. Minimizing color matching time.

Automated And Connected

Ethernet based connectivity to enable remote access to production and process data, to provide quick solutions. Energy improved efficiency. New Human Machine Interface enabling. Downtime tracking and waste management. Maintenance programming, 24 hours/day, 6 days/week.

People- Oriented and Operational Safety

Solutions to improve the health and safety of the operator. Solvent smell in the printing area down to 400 ppm. Noise level in the pressroom down to 80 db (A). Optimum accessibility to all machine sections for cleaning and maintenance. Full compliance with CE safety standard.


Gravure printing equipment manufacturing, suitable for melamine paper, pre-impregnated paper, finish foil, PVC, carton pre-printing, craft paper and other sustainable materials.
Also equipment solution like rewinding machines, cutting machines, sampler, baler, mixer, press machines and so on.